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10 Ridiculously Great Movies You May Have Already Missed In 2013

The middle of the year brings a lot of things, but we can probably all agree that the most important of those things are lists. With that in mind, Landon Palmer and I set out to highlight ten of our favorite films of the past six months, but instead of being a straight forward list of the year’s best movies so far we chose to zero in on the great, smaller movies that may have bypassed your radar as they slipped in and out of just a handful of theaters. This factor is most obvious in the absence of Tyler Perry’s Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor from Landon’s selections. The films we’ve chosen run the gamut of genres and countries of origin, but they share a sense of quality sadly missing from the majority of Hollywood films opening wide in theaters these days. (Although if you have to see a wannabe blockbuster choose Roland Emmerich’s White House Down… the damn thing is dumb as dirt but sweet Jesus is it fun.) You may have heard of some of the films below, but all of them are worth seeking out at your local arthouse or VOD provider of choice. Antiviral Film fans expect something pretty specific when they hear the name Cronenberg, and Brandon has proudly taken the baton of corporeal horror from his father David. Though the younger Cronenberg claims to have seen very few, if any, of his father’s films, the signature Cronenberg sensibility is available in full …

Posted by Галина Аксенова on 1 июл 2013, 21:11



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